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Individually Designed Organs from Viscount

Regent Classic Custom Built Organs

Our Custom Built Church Organs are specifically designed and voiced for the individual customers home, concert hall or church.

While there are accepted standards of specification that we like to respect, with an individually designed instrument there are no limits on invention or specification. With each commission we set out to create the very best instrument that the budget allows. Consoles are hand made using the finest materials and incorporate the very best keyboards. Individual design detail is important. It can bring a console to life and the first ingredient to playing well is feeling good at the instrument.

We are determined that our instruments will sound as good as they look and we have a truly remarkable choice of stop voices from which to build a wonderful instrument. Each stop can then be voiced in the same way as a that on a pipe organ. If you want an instrument of great quality and lasting value you should explore a Viscount Regent Classic individually designed instrument, built by musicians with years of experience and a true love of the instrument and its music. Learn more about these instruments from our Individually Designed Instrument Brochure.To find your nearest instrument look for the yellow flags on our Installations Page.  Some high quality images can be found in the Gallery.